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Johan "Sysse"
Guitarr & choir

Sysse and Svegmo played noisy punk in a band called G.K.I.S,
at the same time Dag sung in a band called MaddexX. But both the bands
was layed on ice after a short time of playing and Sysse asked Dag if he wanted to start a trallpunk-band.

From the ashes of the band OGRÄS was started, and thats that.
Now the bandstructure contained of a drummer, a guitarrist and a singer.
That structure felt a little bit week so one day Sysse came up with a idea:
-"Hey Dag? You aren't interested of playing bass? or well.. so what do you say? Dag that was thinking the same at the time laughed and agreed that it was a good idea. Partly because that there was no bass-player to be found in the neighbourhood, and partly 'cause they were to damn lazy to search for one. At that time Dag had never played even guitarr or bass ever.

Now the only thing missing was another guitarrist. That problem was solved by the mates by asking a good friend named Mark if he felt fore playing. Once Mark had agreed the band started to practice and eventually the song "Nya Perspektiv" was made.

Mark wanted to spend more time on his other band so he wound up playing in Ogräs and his place was fast filled by Jacke who Dag had just had made friend with. We played some gigs but it felt like we were stuck on the same spot. Then Svegmo also quit playing in the band and his place was very fast filled up by Martin who was very eager to play.

With the current bandstructure OGRÄS has been playing togeather since September -06.

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